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Five causes for the accomplishment of all actions or Five factors that govern the outcome of all actions

Five items must come into play in order to accomplish any work, and therefore, these five component parts are called the causes of all actions. Whatever action a man might undertake, be it by his body, speech or mind, and that too, whether right or wrong, in every expression of action there is the play of all these five essential parts.

1. The Situation / Body,
2. The Individual / Ego,
3. The Skills / Senses / instruments he has,
4. Various kinds of efforts made by skills,
5. and the Blessings from the Unknown Force.
– Gita, 18:14

First, body which is the basis of all actions. If the body is not there, there is no action. An artist require a canvas before he start painting.

Second is the doer / The Desire / The Willpower. Suppose you are in deep sleep, then you are not a doer at all, you are the body, but not the doer. When you are awake, when you resolve that you will do something, then you are a doer.

Third is the senses/skills/instruments. There are many instruments. These are the instruments of action.

Fourth item is, the various forms and processes of action. Then making these instruments work in various ways to produce results. They are called activity or process. Karma is actually contained in the action itself, and only needs time and the proper conditions to become manifest.

Behind every action, these four items are there. There is also a fifth item. That is a remarkable thing. We may call it God/Eshwara/Destiny/Chance/Luck etc. We may have done everything, and yet a thing did not go well. Something was missing there, and therefore, we could not achieve it. So Destiny is a subtle something which cannot be specified. That Destiny is the fifth item.

Destiny is within, it comes from ourselves, not from outside. All one’s activities depend on the will of the Super Soul, who is seated within the heart of everything as a friend.

Eg: We have to churn the milk to get butter. That churning is the activity or the process. We need a churning rod & a vessel to keep the buttermilk, so various instruments are there. You are there as the agent of action, and there is the basis for all action, the body. Finally comes the Unknown Force. This Unknown Force is working there that finally completes the process of churning the milk into butter. You can’t see that Force, but you have to take into account that factor also as part of the whole process. The other 4 instruments may be there, still the result may not come. Therefore we call it Daivam/Almighty. So in all the various philosophies and religions of the world, we have the concept of God/Destiny.