The purpose was the moon

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Tibetan painting Buddha pointing Moon The purpose was the moon

“These images do not speak out, they only hint…”

All words about spiritual values are just hints. Don′t hold onto the words as if they are realities. They are hints, almost the way I can point to the moon with my finger – but don′t catch hold of my finger. My finger is not the moon. Although my finger was pointing to the moon, it was only a hint.

In one of the temples of Japan, there is no statue of Gautama Buddha in the temple. Instead of a statue, there is a finger pointing to a far away moon. It is a temple of its own kind – because Buddha is nothing but a finger pointing to the moon. Don′t go on worshiping the finger – that will not help. Look at the moon where the finger is pointing. Forget the finger, forget the scriptures, forget the masters, forget all your religions; just try to find out what they are hinting at, and you will be surprised to find that thousands of fingers are pointing at the same moon.

If you pay too much attention to the finger, there is every possibility you will forget the purpose. The purpose was not the finger, the purpose was the moon. All the differences are in the fingers, in their expressions. The experience of truth is one.

And the followers of these fingers are fighting and killing each other, and nobody bothers that you are fighting for fingers. The fingers may be different, but the moon is the same. The angles of the fingers may be different – because people were standing in different places at different times, in different ages. How can Krishna point exactly the way Jesus is pointing? How can Buddha point in the same way Zarathustra is pointing?

finger moon buddha The purpose was the moonThe person who seeks knowledge from these indications in the scriptures, in words, in statues is a fool. The search has to be with inwards - because they are all pointing that the kingdom of God is within you. And unless you go inwards, unless you close your eyes and relax your mind; unless your heart, your mind, your body all become a synchronicity, a harmony, a deep accord – you will not be able to hear the still small voice within you. And that voice is nobody else′s voice, it is your own. And remember, only the truth that is your own, liberates. Anybody else′s truth always becomes a bondage.

Every master is bound to be unique in his expressions. They are all saying the same thing, they are all indicating towards the same moon, but their fingers are different. They are bound to be different. The finger of Buddha, the finger of Lao Tzu, the finger of Chuang Tzu, are bound to be different. If you pay too much attention to the finger, there is every possibility you will forget the purpose. The purpose was not the finger, the purpose was the moon. All the differences are in the fingers, in their expressions. The experience of truth is one, but to bring it to expression, every master has to find his own device.

The qualities of the finger do not matter; any finger can point towards the moon. But people have got too much attached to the fingers. Jainas are holding the finger of Mahavir – they worship that finger, they have forgotten the moon. And Buddhists are worshiping the finger of Buddha. Exactly, there is a temple in Japan where Buddha’s statue is not in the shrine but a finger, a marble finger, pointing somewhere into the unknown. Those who made that temple must have been very perceptive; but you don’t know people – people are worshiping that finger. They go and put their flowers there and bow down. Nobody is bothered where the finger is pointing at.

Existence does not understand your language. Language is human, existence is far wider (it is not restricted to the human)

Source: Osho Lectures

moon man meditation The purpose was the moon

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