The Essence of True Leadership

Shortly after Booker Washington became head of the Tuskegg Institute in Alabama, he was walking past the house of a wealthy family. The woman of the house, assuming Washington was one of the yard workers her husband had hired asked him if he would chop some wood for her.

Professor Washington smiled, nodded, took off his coat, and chopped the wood. When he carried the armload of wood into the woman’s kitchen, a servant girl recognized him and rushed to her mistress to tell her of his identity.

The next morning, the woman appeared in Washinton’s office. Apologizing profusely, she said repeatedly, “I did not know it was you I put to work.” Washington replied generously, “Its entirely all right, Madame. I like to work and I’m delighted to do favors for my friends.”

The woman was so taken with his manner and his willingness to forgive that she gave generous gifts to the institute and persuaded many of her wealthy acquaintances to do likewise. In the end, Washington raised as much money for the institute from this single act of chopping wood as he did from any other fund-raising event!

A great leader is never beyond hard work. the willingness to serve others is the essence of true leadership.